Hendrix Ibsen SENIOR

Vulkan 20, 0178 Oslo

Opening hours
Man-fre:  08-19
Lørdag:    10-19
Søndag:   10-19


At Hendrix Ibsen anything can happen. We have concerts, book releases, art exhibitions, we are a By:larm venue, sometimes we have private birthday parties, sometimes, we have DJs, opera nights, poetry reading or impro theater. Anything can happen basically.

Next stop: Oslo

After living and working in Berlin for 7 years, starting up four coffee shops, it was time for a project in Oslo.
Faith led us to Vulkan that needed a concept that we wanted to realize. 
We learned so much from Berlin and wanted to convert all of our knowledge into our new project in Oslo. We love coffee, beer, music and preferably all of those thing at the same time, together with interesting people in inspiring enviroments. Hendrix Ibsen is unique.
We were to our knowledge, the first and only ones in Norway to combine Beer, coffee and vinyl. We sell coffee from all of our favorite roasteries, we have 40+ beers. We have to taps reserved for NITRO COFFEE and we have a big sellection of vinyl.